(video and photos shot by Doc Ajay Johnson


Best built light for Photo & Video

Ideal combination of performance and quality for every photographic medium

  • Hi-performance LEDs for optimum output
  • Dedicated lens optics for consistent light spread
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly
  • Robust, durable hybrid construction
  • Dedicated SofBox & FilterSet accessories
  • Accepts Sony NPF L-series 7.2V battery


What you see is what you get!

The ease of using a high-quality lighting tool to capture a superior image

  • Quick and easy setups
  • Light weight (<1lb) for portability
  • Accepts industry standard ¼-20 hardware
  • Smooth full range dimming with no color shift
  • Use as key or fill light source
  • Shoot in studio or challenging locations


Lighting that always looks good

Highest quality of light and full dispersion across the color spectrum

  • 5600ºK for optimum image capture
  • Excellent color rendition (TLCI: 95.5)
  • Flicker-free for use at all frame rates and shutter angles
  • Output intensity equal to LED panels 4x its size
  • Low profile 12V/30W AC adapter
  • 3-hour run time on NPF L-series 7.2V battery (not incl.)

PRL’s Lustra L50 is the best new light on the market. It is a sure winner as a dual on/off-camera LED light and the best LED light of its size I have ever used. – Ajay’s Johnson

The Lustra L50 produces an exquisite quality of light and its raw light has a beautiful, organic fall-off. The L50 is ideal for shooting interviews where I want a controlled environment. I can’t recommend it enough – Patrick-Murphy Racey

PRL’s Lustra L50 Fits the Bill for both Still and Motion Shoots – It’s a compact, powerful LED panel that delivers a consistent light spread. – Rangefinder

The L50 is incredibly bright – I essentially use the L50 in place of my flash fill. The L50 is less obtrusive and easier to use than the bigger LED panels. The L50’s build quality is incredible – It conveys the light’s durability. – Taylor Jackson


Lighting that always looks good