Photographer: Paul Gero – Sony Artisan
Model: Carolin Feigs

paul-gero“Superb! This has to be the best build quality I have seen in this type of LED. I’ve used other LED lights and they just don’t compare in build quality, but more importantly, the sheer amount of LIGHT emanating from this little box is simply jaw dropping. All I could keep saying as I was first looking at it was: Oh. My. God. Oh. My. God.”

Paul Gero – Portraits & Sony Artisan of Imagery –

paul-gero“I’m impressed with the materials, workmanship and tactility of the fixture. It exudes quality in workmanship, materials and design. Light in weight, well made, it’s a good design.”

Jeff Berlin – photographer, cinematographer, SONY Artisan –

“The Lustra 50 is the best on the market that I’ve seen and I have quite a few of these type of lights. Amazing light comes with an AC plug adapter as well. Also, I was really impressed by the quality of the sofbox.”

Marc Weisenberg – photographer, SONY Artisan –

What is the Lustra 50?

The Lustra L50 combines LED surface mount technology (SMTs), engineered TIR optic lenses, an integrated dimmer and a uniquely designed housing in a dynamic new lighting fixture to meet the high quality standards for those who capture images for photo imagery, motion pictures and video content. The L50 is paired with a dedicated 12V/30W power supply and incorporates an option for utilization of a Sony NPF L-series 7.2V DV battery.

A full 100% dimming range is accomplished via an internal microprocessor that ensures a completely flicker-free performance at any frame rate or shutter angle for motion picture and video application. With the use of a dedicated SofBox, a choice of 2 warming filters & 1 diffusing filter, a 1/4-20 receiver for mounting of hardware and the ability to adjust the L50’s intensity, the Lustra 50 touches on all the basics of what’s important in a lighting fixture.

What are the uses for the Lustra 50?

The Lustra 50 offers adaptability for various applications. For videographers on the go, the L50 is the perfect combination of speed and mobility.
Portability & performance lend for quick and easily managed setups for ENG, sporting events, and interviews. The option to use a NPF L-series 7.2v battery is perfect for Run-n-Gun style lighting at live events and reality TV.

For photographers, The L50 is a perfect complement to create portraits & wedding shots, food, and beverage stills, commercial products & corporate imagery. Wedding photographers shooting portrait stills as well as video benefit from the ease of using continuous light for instant crossover between platforms. Shooting portraits is enhanced by the photographer’s ability to create immediate results. Product shoots become easier with the Lustra 50’s simple control features and use of its accessories. Stills of corporate subjects for print and electronic media are easily captured.

What is Continuous Light?

Continuous Light is “What You See Is What You Get” lighting! The use of continuous light makes for easier lighting setups than strobes & flash and gives the photographer immediate feedback. Continuous lighting eliminates the guesswork of the trial & error approach with strobes. All with simple, real time adjustments that the photographer’s eye can see.

With continuous light, the photographer can set the nuanced exposure to create a beautiful image, have the capacity to deviate from the norm and design a unique and impactful image. Continuous light provides the photographer with immediate exposure to visualize the image he or she wants to capture and the artistry he or she wants to convey.

Continuous Light vs. Strobes

  • Continuous Light– “What you see is what you get” lighting vs. trial & error
  • Setup are Easier– Slash set up time vs. strobes and flashes
  • Immediate Feedback– The ability to make real-time improvements for optimum results.
  • Efficient– Eliminates guesswork of strobes & flash. Maximize time and increase your value


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