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Lustra 50 – the high performance, high quality LED light for Photographers!

PRL ingenuity is brought to you by its two principals, who’s background in elevating Litepanels and its

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(video and photos shot by Doc Ajay Johnson


The Lustra 50 is a high-performance LED fixture providing high-intensity output for continuous lighting in a variety of situations.

Combining LED surface mount technology (SMTs) and engineered TIR optics with an integrated dimmer and a simple, ergonomic design, the Lustra 50 delivers optimal intensity and full dispersion of light across the color spectrum.

Engineered for use with a few simple but highly effective accessories, the Lustra 50 is the perfect accompaniment for the photo/videographer that seeks to enhance the image capturing process, whether static or on the go. Both professional photographers and serious amateurs who capture still images for portraiture, wedding photography, food photography, and commercial products will benefit from the “what you see is what you get” effect delivered by Lustra 50’s continuous lighting technology.

What is Continuous Light?
What you see is what you get lighting!

With continuous light you receive immediate feedback.  To learn more about the benefits of continuous light, Read More >

What are the Uses for the Lustra 50?
Portraiture, Wedding, Products, Corporate,  Interviews

The portable Lustra 50 kit has a wide array of uses. For tutorials and to learn how to use continuous light
Read More>

What is the Lustra 50?
An affordable, portable & durable LED Lighting fixture

The dynamic new Lustra 50 consists of LED surface mount technology (SMTs) that, with engineered TIR optics, Read More >

paul-gero“Superb! This has to be the best build quality I have seen in this type of LED. I’ve used other LED lights and they just don’t compare in build quality, but more importantly, the sheer amount of LIGHT emanating from this little box is simply jaw dropping. All I could keep saying as I was first looking at it was: Oh. My. God. Oh. My. God.”

Paul Gero – Portraits & Sony Artisan of Imagery –


Lighting that always looks good

Conceptualized through experience and developed with the knowledge of a professional’s requirements, the Lustra 50 combines high output LEDs with the most efficient optics to deliver the optimum in intensity and full dispersion of light across the color spectrum. The technologies used to develop the Lustra 50 enable the photographer to consistently elicit true renderings in capturing their imagery. Managing the Lustra 50’s light output with the dedicated SofBox™ and FilterSet™ adds flexibility to the photographer’s creative process with the use of continuous lighting


Elegant and stylish

Simple, smart, dependable and complementary for every photographic medium, the Lustra 50’s design provides the flexibility to address a variety of photographic applications with continuous lighting. The design’s ergonomic features allow for an easy hand grip and simple access to the intensity control knob. Adaptability to mount industry standard hardware and a DV battery power option make for flexible mechanical options and total portability. The combination of high-grade aluminum and ABS plastics materials makes the Lustra 50 a robust and durable tool for every application.


What you see is what you get!

The ideal combination of performance and quality in an optimal design, the Lustra 50 is what defines the standard for continuous lighting. The ease of using a tool for the photographer to capture a superior image is paramount in her/his ability to capitalize on their inherent creativity. The Lustra 50’s performance and design deliver the flexibility a photographer needs with the use of continuous lighting for a variety of applications. Setups are less complicated as continuous lighting provides immediate feedback for the photographer’s ability to make improvements for optimum results.


  • Family photography

  • Wedding photography

  • Product shot photography

  • Food shot photography

  • Wedding photography


Lighting that always looks good

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