About us

“We Love To Create and Are Inspired by our Environment”


PRL desires to enhance the potential of one’s creativity through the application of its lighting technologies in all photographic media. The tools of one’s trade are a most important asset in realizing that potential

We are focused on the advancements in LED and optical technologies that offer tremendous opportunities for delivering quality, performance and affordability in our lighting products.

Our experience and knowledge serve to fulfill the need to develop these high-performing quality products as a perfect complement to the latest advancements in camera equipment. Products that help to enhance one’s capabilities in creating her/his unique artistic imagery.

A multitude of digital media platforms have been developed as creative outlets with access for anyone to convey their visual content. The adaptation of new technologies entering the visual content medium at all levels spurs a need for higher quality products that support how imagery is captured for the visual arts.

Our lighting products are designed with everyone in mind, from the professionals to the avid amateurs who create imagery in the various fields of photography, guided by our extensive professional backgrounds in video, cinema and still lighting applications.

Historically, we have 50+ years of professional application, joined with the results of 15+ years of successful design, engineering and manufacturing of LED lighting products.



Rudy Pohlert – Founder

Rudy’s background spans 27 years in lighting for film, TV commercials and music videos. Movie projects such as Against All Odds, Silverado, True Confessions, coupled with numerous TV series and commercials for clients from AT&T – Xerox, music videos with Elton John, Janet Jackson, Foo Fighters and others provided a broad range of experience. That and the ability to identify real needs in the market has been the basis and laid the foundation for his innovation of unique lighting products that transcend the limitations of the addressable photographic markets.

From designing the first production style LED Ringlite, to the creation and launch of the first on-camera LED light (LP-Mini) and the LP-1×1 and LP-Micro panel products that opened the markets for all others, the ability to realize the potential of his dreams have had a profound impact on the photographic industries.

The vision to conceptualize and the ability to design and develop quality, hi-performance products have been the hallmark of a successful new career in manufacturing LED lighting products that pioneered a new segment for lighting in the Film & TV industries.

Emmys for technical achievement are among the numerous awards that have been bestowed for his achievements and point out these products are synonymous with setting the standard for quality and performance in LED lighting.

As a founder of PRL, Rudy wants to bring his passion for innovation in lighting to photography, a dynamic market that’s rapidly changing with advances in camera technology. And, with an increasing number of participants embracing the new camera technologies, it’s his intent to educate the photo community on the use of continuous lighting for still photography and promote its benefits through the application of PRL Lighting’s unique new products.

On the personal side, satisfaction comes from enjoying time with Linda, his better half, their extended family and a cache of close friends that keeps him globally connected. Beaching, hiking, biking and swimming are favorite activities that are rounded out by RV time on the California coast, domestic travel that will ultimately take in all 50 states and journeys to foreign lands and cultures he has yet to visit, be exposed to and learn from.


Pat Ralston – Founder

Pat had enjoyed still photography very early on in high school.

While in college, a summer job with a motion picture equipment rental company introduced him to an array of professional camera, sound and lighting equipment that offered a next level experience.

Having the ability to create mood, atmosphere and invoke the imagination of the viewer was more than a fascination, it was truly rewarding. There was no looking back. That satisfaction has been with him for over 40 years.

Through a career in major motion picture, television, commercial and still photographic production, his has been an artistic and enjoyable journey.

Technically, he has experienced transitions and evolutions in lighting equipment that only his generation, in the right time and place could have.

From 1000-watt tungsten scoop lights faced with fiberglass diffusion and carbon arcs that were the stereotype of traditional Hollywood studio lighting, to HMI, fluorescents and high output parabolic beams.

Include the evolution of high performance/low demand LED products and strobe light technology he has been fortunate to have “seen it all”.

Being on some award-winning teams of successful professionals in motion and still photography while helping to improve lighting processes during the transition from film to digital, his desire to design, improve and manufacture lighting products was a natural step.

Having a continual thirst for developing quality products, he has been involved with some of the most innovative manufacturing and application processes in the world of professional lighting techniques.

Moving on to head up the Los Angeles manufacturing operations for Litepanels, and being part of a new era of LED photographic products proved to be very exciting.

Pat brings to PRL, not only quality manufacturing experience, technical knowledge and passion for the creative arts, but a continued desire to produce new lighting instruments that deliver quality results with ease of use, at an affordable price.

When asked why, his answer is very direct.

“I learned an important value very early on in my career. Using quality equipment in all types of the photographic processes is essential to achieving the desired result. To help support both current and upcoming artists by providing quality instruments for them is most rewarding”.

On the personal side:

When not pursuing Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong, baseball scores and time with his two fabulous children, a valued part of his time is spent at museums and art gallery exhibitions with his wife Liz, herself a lifelong accomplished painter ceramic artist and educator.


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