Lustra 50 – the high performance, high quality LED light for Photographers!


Lustra 50 – $335

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FilterSet – $40

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Sofbox – $89

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Lustra L50 Kit – $399

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Lustra L50 3-lite Kit – $1,099.00

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paul-gero“Superb! This has to be the best build quality I have seen in this type of LED. I’ve used other LED lights and they just don’t compare in build quality, but more importantly, the sheer amount of LIGHT emanating from this little box is simply jaw dropping. All I could keep saying as I was first looking at it was: Oh. My. God. Oh. My. God.”

Paul Gero – Portraits & Sony Artisan of Imagery –

Portable and Powerful!

  • Powerful – high-performing LEDs with paired optics for intensity equal to LED panels 4x its size
  • Lightweight – 15 ounces that can be used in the studio or on the go
  • Portable – use with a Sony NPF-L-series 7.2V DV battery or power cord.
  • Durable – combination of high-grade aluminum and ABS plastics materials with an easy hand grip and simple access to the intensity control knob.

Best Built LED Light for Photo & Video!

  • Simplicity – ideal combination of performance and quality
  • High Output LEDs – deliver the optimum in intensity and full dispersion of light across the color spectrum.
  • Dimmer – a full 100% dimming range with flicker free performance
  • Accessories – high-quality SofBox™ and FilterSet™ available

Continuous Light vs. Strobes

  • Continuous Light – is “What you see is what you get” lighting!
  • Easier Setup – cut set up time vs. strobes and flashes
  • Immediate Feedback – provides the photographer the ability to make real-time improvements for optimum results.
  • Efficient – eliminates the guesswork of the trial & error approach with strobes.

Use the Lustra 50 for:


portraiture photography


wedding photography




commercial products


fashion photography


family photography

“The Lustra 50 is the best on the market that I’ve seen and I have quite a few of these type of lights. Amazing light comes with an AC plug adapter as well. Also, I was really impressed by the quality of the sofbox.”

Marc Weisenberg – photographer, SONY Artisan –

Lustra 50 Specifications

  • Output: 1200 Lux @ 5ft
  • Dispersion angle: 40º
  • Color temperature: 5600ºK
  • CRI: 94
  • Dimming: 100-0% (no color shift)
  • Flicker-free (all frame rates & shutter angles)
  • Power draw: 25 Watts
  • Power supply: 120-240VAC
  • Battery mount: Sony NPF L-series 7.2V
  • Dimensions: 7.5” x 4.5” x 1.9” (190mm x 115mm x 50mm)
  • Weight: 15oz.(425g)
  • Rugged Aluminum/ABS chassis
  • Integrated ¼-20 mount
  • Options:
  • Dedicated SofBox™
  • FilterSet™ (1/8 + 1/4 CTO, LS410 Opal Frost Diffusion)

paul-gero“I’m impressed with the materials, workmanship and tactility of the fixture. It exudes quality in workmanship, materials and design. Light in weight, well made, it’s a good design.”

Jeff Berlin – photographer, cinematographer, SONY Artisan –


Lighting that always looks good