The Lustra 50 is a portable, high-output LED light for photographers that capture portraiture, wedding, product, corporate and video imagery. It provides continuous light that allows the photographer to use a “What You See Is What You Get” approach to lighting for immediate results and is a true alternative to the use of strobes & flash for a great variety of applications.

The Lustra 50 is designed for optimal performance to meet the highest quality standards for professionals and serious amateurs that create imagery in the Photo & Video markets. Its design, performance and ease of use combine to make it the perfect tool for photographers in creating her/his vision for capturing a beautiful image with continuous light.

With the simplicity of adjusting intensity, adding a SofBox™ or use of PRL’s Lustra 50 FilterSet™ for modeling a subject, it is the perfect complement for photographers who shoot static in-studio as well as location projects, capture video interviews and spot news on the go.

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What is the Lustra 50?

An affordable, portable and durable LED lighting fixture

  • The Lustra 50 combines LED surface mount technology (SMTs), engineered TIR optics, an integrated dimmer and a uniquely designed housing in a dynamic new lighting fixture to meet the high quality standards for professional and serious amateur photographers alike
  • A full 100% dimming range is accomplished via an internal microprocessor that ensures a completely flicker-free performance at any frame rate or shutter angle for video application
  • Every fixtures is paired with a dedicated 12V power supply and incorporates an option for utilization of portable power via a Sony NPF L-series 7.2V DV battery.
  • With the application of a dedicated SofBox, a choice of 2 warming filters & 1 diffusing filter, a 1/4-20 receiver for mounting of hardware and the ability to adjust the L50’s intensity, the Lustra 50 touches on all the basics of what’s important in a lighting fixture.

What are the Uses for the Lustra 50?

Portraiture, Wedding, Products, Corporate, Interviews
The Lustra 50 offers adaptability for various applications

  • The Lustra 50 is a great continuous lighting tool for photographers and video-journalists alike. It is a perfect complement to create portraits & wedding shots, food & beverage stills, commercial products & corporate imagery.
  • Wedding photographers shooting portrait stills as well as video benefit from the ease of using continuous light for instant crossover between platforms
  • Shooting portraits is enhanced by the photographer’s ability to create immediate results
  • Product shoots become easier with the Lustra 50’s simple control features
  • Stills of corporate subjects for print and electronic media are easily captured
  • Videos for training & tutorial applications. Its portability and performance are of great benefit to conduct interviews and spot news on the go.

What is Continuous Light?

Continuous Light is “What you see is what you get” lighting!

  • The use of continuous light makes for easier lighting setups than strobes & flash and gives the photographer immediate feedback.
  • Continuous light eliminates the guesswork of the trial & error approach with strobes.
  • With continuous light, the photographer can set the nuanced exposure to create a beautiful image, have the capacity to deviate from the norm and design an impactful image.
  • All with simple, real time adjustments that the photographer’s eye can see.
  • Continuous light provides the photographer with immediate exposure to visualize the image he wants to capture and the artistry he or she wants to convey.

“I’m impressed with the materials, workmanship and tactility of the fixture. It exudes quality in workmanship, materials and design. Light in weight, well made, it’s a good design.” – JEFF BERLIN – photographer, cinematographer, SONY Artisan –

(video and photos shot by Doc Ajay Johnson



The Lustra 50 SofBox™ – The Lustra 50 SofBox is specifically dedicated and optimized for the Lustra 50 fixture to provide a softer light and a broader footprint. The SofBox easily attaches to the front of the Lustra 50 and secures with Velcro straps.

Why you should use the Lustra 50 SofBox:

  • Professional photographers carry a Sofbox in their tool kit for various applications and adaptability to different situations. The use of a Sofbox as fill and edge lighting or to create separation gives the photographer tremendous versatility.
  • A Sofbox provides beautiful soft light for a variety of shooting styles. The use of a soft box is especially beneficial for fashion, food, product and portraiture photography.
  • Used as the key light source, the Sofbox gives the photographer the ability to create that wrap-around look with a single fixture.
  • The SofBox diffuser manipulates the harsh intensity of the light’s raw output to soften the edges & shadows that project onto the background of an image.
  • Use the SofBox in comparison with the raw output of the Lustra 50 light fixture to gauge the different results. You may find its use advantageous in some applications but not so in others.
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The Lustra 50 FilterSet™ – The Lustra 50 FilterSet consists of 3 distinct filters – 1/8 CTO (#223), ¼ CTO (#206) and Opal Frost (#410) diffusion. The filters may be used to improve the color rendition and quality of the image shot with the Lustra 50’s light output (5600K).

Why and when to use the Lustra 50 FilterSet:

  • The Lustra 50 fixture emits daylight balanced (5600K) light that brings out the most favorable color resolutions but may not deliver the results of an image a photographer desires.
  • The CTO filters are applied to the Lustra 50 where the color hue of the subject matter may require a warmer tone for a more pleasing image or to better complement the ambient color temperature of the subject within its given environment
  • The addition of CTOs provides a slight and pleasing warm tone to lighter skin and surfaces that tend to absorb more of the blue element from the color spectrum of the emitted light.
  • Application of the ¼ CTO may especially be helpful for darker skin tones and surfaces that tend to reflect, rather than absorb, the daylight elements of emitted light.
  • The Opal Frost (#410) filter takes the edge off the raw light and softens its intensity. Combined with the Lustra 50 SofBox, this filter produces a beautiful soft light for close up applications.
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* Purchase Sony type NPF L-series batteries and chargers. PRL recommends you purchase only proven reputable battery brands.


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